Monday, June 15, 2009

Micro Caddis

This caddis pattern is an effective pattern on small freestone creeks and in the evening when the "Evening Caddis Hatch" is going full blast. At last light and later it will be a good idea to tightly hang on to your rod as trout will sometimes violently attack this fly!

Micro Caddis V1265
By: Larry Jurgens
Hook: TMC 102Y
Size: 17 ~ 21
Tying Thread: Olive Dun, UNI-Thread 8/0
Abdomen: Burnt Toast, #942-1265 Sulky® 40wt Machine Embroidery Thread
Wing: Tan Float-Vis
Hackle: Dun Grizzly Whiting Saddle 1 Size Smaller (e.g. Hook Size #19 = Hackle Size #22)
Head: Tying Thread

Tying Instructions
~ Start the abdomen thread at the 1/3 hook shank point.
~ Wrap an even thread base to the hook bend and return to the 1/3 hook shank point.
~ Tying Note: Keep the thread twisted tight on the return for segmentation.
~ Whip-finish with 2 ~ 3 wraps and cut off the abdomen thread.
~ Start the tying thread behind the hook eye and wrap to the 1/3 hook shank point.
~ Tying Note: Be sure to overwrap the abdomen whip-finish.
~ Optional; Apply Hard As Hull head cement to the abdomen for sheen and durability.
~ Tie in the wing material. Trim the wing even with the hook bend.
~ Tie in the hackle and wrap to 1 hook eye length behind the hook eye.
~ Whip-finish with a minimum number of wraps.
~ Optional; Apply water-based head cement to the whip-finish.

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