Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crawdad Pattern

 This Crawdad pattern has served me well for Bass, Big Bluegills, Big Green Sunfish as well as Trout.
Email me for pattern recipe and tying instructions.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fisherman Quote

There are so many permutations of flies available that choosing one sends most people back to the decision,
“Do I use the entire worm or do I cut it in two?”
          ~ Jack Ohman

Friday, May 04, 2012

Darth Vader Burbler

Give this a try for "Big" Bream and all Bass Species.Chartreuse and  Brown work well also.
Let your imagination be your guide!

Darth Vader Burbler
By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 200R Sizes 4~10 (Size 4 Shown) or
TMC 8089 Sizes 2~12
Thread: Black Danville Flymaster +Plus+ (210 Denier)
Tail: Black Angel Hair
Body: Pearl Black Estaz
Shellback/Head/Wing: Black 2mm Foam
Legs: Black Rubber Legs (Square Large Shown)
Optional: Water Based Head Cement 
Tyers Note: Cut the strip of foam a minimum of 3 times the hook shank length and to the width desired. Width is determined by hook size or tyers choice.
 Note: I cut the foam to a width of 1/2” for TMC 8089 Size 2 and 
3/8” for TMC 200R Size 4 and 
1/4” for TMC 8089 Size 12 and TMC 200R Size 8.
Send me an email if you want the tying instructions.