Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Colorado Caddis An Oldie & Goodie!

This Caddis pattern is an oldie but a goodie that was originally tied by Bob Good of Denver Colorado, per Terry Hellekson’s book Popular Fly Patterns, Published 1977. I have been fishing caddis patterns for the past two days and the "Colorado Caddis" was the top producer as the “dropper” fly using a dry and dropper setup.

Colorado Caddis
Originator: Bob Good, Denver, Colorado
Source: Terry Hellekson, Popular Fly Patterns, Published 1977
Tied By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: Mustad 3906/3906B
Size: 8 ~ 16
Thread: Black 6/0
Thread Substitute: Black 14/0 Gordon Griffiths
Shellback: Natural Gray Goose Quill Slip
Body: Pale Yellow Dubbing or Wool Yarn
Body Substitutes: Light Cahill Superfine Dubbing or Buttercup #540 Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn
Legs: Black Hen Hackle (1½ ~ 2½ Sizes Oversized)
Head: Thread
Head Cement: Lacquer (Original)
Head Cement Substitute: Black Hard Head & Vinyl or Flex Cement
Tying Instructions
~ Start the thread behind the hook eye and wrap to above the hook point.
~ Tie in the shellback material by the “narrow” end.
~ Tie in the yarn if using yarn for the body and overwrap to above the hook barb.
Note ~ Pre-treat the quill section with vinyl or flex cement for durability.
~ Return the thread to 2 eye lengths behind the hook eye.
~ Dub or wrap the body material yarn to 2 eye lengths behind the hook eye.
~ If using yarn tie in and cut off the excess.
~ Tie in and wrap the hackle 2~4 turns. Number of wraps is tyers choice.
~ Tie in and cut off excess.
~ Cut a “V” in the hackle fibers on top of the hook shank.
~ Pull the shellback over the body. Tie in and cut off the excess.
Note: “Stroke” the hackle fibers down for a more realistic looking legs.
~ Wrap and whip-finish a medium sized head.
~ Optional: Apply Black Hard Head to the whip-finish to provide the “classic” look.

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