Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pale Morning Dun

A simple tie and effective pattern.
By Larry Jurgens
Hook: TMC 100/101
Size: 14 ~ 20
Thread: Gray Brown UTC 70 Denier Ultra Thread
Tail: Light Pardo Coq de Leon Tailing Fibers
Abdomen: Tan Turkey Biot/Vane
Thorax: Pale Morning Dun Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing
Parachute Post: FL Cerise McFly Foam
Hackle: Golden Olive (White Dyed) or Light Grizzly Whiting Saddle Hackle
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fisherman Quotation

Fly fisherman spend hours tying little clumps of fur and feathers on hooks,
trying to make a trout fly that looks like a real fly.
But nobody has ever seen a natural insect trying to mate with a
Fanwing Ginger Quill.
          ~ Ed Zern

Quotation from the book “HOOKED Funny Quotes from Serious Anglers” Edited by Raye Carrington