Sunday, March 09, 2014

LoJ’s Trout Crack (A Hallucinogenic Scud)

By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 2457 or TMC 2487
Size: 6 ~ 18
Thread: Light Blue or Light Gray 6/0 Danville
Underbody: Gray Antron Dubbing
Overbody: Blue Vinyl Tubing
Rib: Tying Thread
Head: Tying Thread
Note: This pattern is an adaptation of John Wilson's “Trout Crack”.
 Tying Instructions
Start the thread behind the hook eye and wrap a thread base partway down the hook bend.
Tie in the overbody tubing with the rear end extending appx 1/16” beyond the hook bend.
Dub an underbody to 1 eye length behind the hook eye and return.
Note; the underbody thickness is tyers choice.
Move the thread making wide spaced ribs to where you want the rear segment closest to the hook bend location to end.
Pull the overbody tubing forward and tie in.
DO NOT stretch the tubing, e.g., the tubing should have a bubble effect.
Repeat step 5 until you reach 1 eye length behind the hook eye.
Note; try to keep the underbody rib under the center of the overbody ‘bubble’.
Wrap and whip-finish a small neat head under the tubing.
Cut the front tubing even with the front of the hook eye.
Optional; pick out the dubbing on the bottom of the underbody for legs.