Monday, May 02, 2016

Red Quill

JARQ-3 Mono Wing (Just Another Red Quill V-3)
Hook: TMC 102Y
Size: 13 ~ 21
Thread: Orange 14/0 Gordon Griffiths
Tail: Light Pardo Coq de Leon Whiting Tailing Fibers
Abdomen: Red Quill Stripped Hackle Quill
Parachute Wing: White Float-Vis
Thorax: Tying Thread
Hackle: Brown Whiting Saddle Hackle
Head: Tying Thread
Other: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails® and/or Super Glue
Note: Soak the quill in warm water for appx 30 minutes before using to prevent breakage.

Email me for tying instructions; 
 Subject = "JARQ-3" Tying Instructions"   

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Blues

Over the past 12 years, some of my fishin' pards and myself have been using and testing blue patterns.
We were told many, many times by other fishermen "THAT FLY WON'T WORK"!
All I can say is try them for yourself and see.

The following are some of the more successful "blue" patterns that we used:

Richards Blue Funk

Blue Ice BLM (A Tim Heng BLM Adaptation)

LoJ’s Blue Funk V1

Blue Magic Dredgemerger V1

Blue Dredgemerger V2

Brahma Blue Soft Hackle V1

LoJ’s Trout Crack (A Hallucinogenic Scud)