Monday, August 24, 2009

Antero Special V1 (Crippled Callibaetis Emerger)

Antero Special V1
(Crippled Callibaetis Emerger)

By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 101
Size: 12 ~ 18
Thread: Dun Gordon Griffiths 14/0
Tail: Tan Ostrich Herl Tips
Rib: Black Small Ultra Wire
Abdomen Shellback: Natural Mottled Bustard Thin Skin
Abdomen: Brown Mini Ostrich Herls
Thorax: Gray 2mm Foam
Wing & Shellback: Gray 2mm Foam
Hackle: Grizzly Hackle
Optional: Water-based Head Cement
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cross Eye Trigger Minnow

This pattern has proven highly successful for me especially in the fall.
Cross Eye Trigger Minnow
By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 9395
Size: 2 ~ 6
Thread: Olive Danville Flat Waxed Nylon
Body: Shimmer Gold Estaz
Wing: Grizzly Olive Variant Rabbit Magnum Zonker Strip
Collar: Olive Variant Cross-Cut Rabbit Zonker Strip
Trigger: Red 1/64 Holographic Mylar Motion
Head: Sprit River Cross Eye Cone e/w Red Eyes
Optional: Zap-A-Gap Super Glue and Water-Based Head Cement
For tying instructions email me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hecoma Ranch Fishing 08/01/09

Hecoma Ranch Aug 01 2009
Bob Janiga, Randy Kulig, Kurt Rhymestine, Cliff and CJ Jurgens, Fred Ferganchik and I spent a great day of fishing at Hecoma Game Ranch. We all met for breakfast in Cedaredge before we got down to the business of fishing. By the time we started fishing the temperature was hot but the fishing wasn’t on fire. At lunchtime we took a break and Fred entertained us with a sightseeing and historical tour of both the Hecoma Game Ranch and Coury Ranch which was very informative and the sights were spectacular.
Bob Janiga (Rome, New York), Randy Kulig (Ohio, New York), Kurt Rhymestine, (Herkimer, New York) are from central New York and are excellent fisherman. This type of lake/pond fishing was new to them but they caught on fast.
Note: click on the images for the full size picture.
The “gang” from New York and LOJ
(left to right) Kurt, Bob, Randy and me.

Cliff Jurgens
CJ’s First
My son Cliff and Fred are at the novice level. My grandson CJ is a beginner and experienced his first successful fly fishing trip. Kurt especially wanted to catch a large cutthroat which he accomplished late Saturday afternoon.
This Snake River Cutthroat was the largest fish caught on Aug 1.
Kurt & Fred with Kurt’s Big ’un
Kurt’s Big ‘un

The bull elk below are the three bulls that watched us fish in the video that Jay Zimmerman shot in May.
They have really grown, eh?
Two Big Boys
If you want more information or schedule a fishing eperience at Hecoma Game Ranch contact me vie email at; or click on the contact me gadget.
Larry O Jurgens