Tuesday, January 28, 2014


By: LO Jurgens
Hook: TMC 2487
Size: 16 ~ 26
Thread: Blue Dun UTC 70
Tail: Natural Barred Mallard Flank
Abdomen: Thread Wrapped Over Tail Material
Thorax: UV Gray Ice Dub
Wingcase: Tail Material Pulled Over Thorax
Head: Tying Thread
Optional: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails® (Applied To The Abdomen)
 Note: This pattern is just another version of the venerable WD-40. San Juan River guide Mark Engler developed the WD-40 fly in the mid 1980’s while fishing the Frying Pan and South Platte Rivers. He developed it specifically to imitate large emerging midges he found on the Frying Pan in February, but has since discovered that it works for midges of all sizes and for Baetis mayflies as well.