Saturday, October 19, 2013

Herter's Inc. Fly Tying Tools From the Past Part 2

This tool is the Herter's 31W Winging Pliers. That I used and/or still sometimes use for mounting quill wings. In 1972 this tool sold for $.69. I can't remember how much it was in 1965 when I purchased it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Herter's Inc. Fly Tying Tools From the Past

The first fly tying tools that I purchased were from the Herter's Inc., 1965 Catalog. For the younger generation out there Herter's was the premium mail order sporting goods in the world and was the precursor to Cabela's and many others. They were originally based in Waseca, Minnesota and were in business from 1893 until 1981. Their mail order business was started in 1937. 
I still have and use some of their tools. 
George Herter invented many of the tools that were of the convenience variety along with many other items that Herter's offered for sale. 
The amazing thing was they were well thought out, worked great and were inexpensive.

Here is an example, can you figure out what this fly tying tool is? This tool is in my copy of the 1972 catalog but disappeared from my copy of the 1978 catalog. Those two are the only catalogs that I still have. I still occasionally use this tool when my fingers are not working correctly and frustration has set in.


The answer will be in my next blog entry!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Getting Ready For 2014

Tan ACP (Another Caddis Pupa) 
Shown; Dai-Riki #280 Size 18 , Matte Chocolate 11/0 Glass Bead 
Material List;
Hook: Dai-Riki # 280
Size: 14 – 20
Thread: Dark Brown 8/0 UNI-Thread
Body: Tan Spanflex 
Rib: Brown Nature’s Spirit Bleached & Dyed Peacock Sticks
Thorax & Legs: Mahogany Brown Superfine Dubbing
Head: Matte Chocolate 11/0 (#02050) or 15/0(# 42038) Mill Hill Glass Seed Bead
Note:  I also use a Coffee MFC Lucent Tungsten Beads