Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Colorado Oldies Patterns Front Range Anglers Clinic 11/16/2013 (Part 5)

Poor Helgy
Originated By: Jim Poor Littleton, Colorado
Hook: Mustad 9672 (TMC 2302)
Size: 4 ~ 10
Thread: Black 3/0 Monocord
Tail: Dark Moose Body Hair (Divided)
Underbody: Lead Wire Under The Thorax
Rib: Black Monocord Over The Abdomen
Abdomen: Dark Moose Body Hair
Thorax: Tan Chenille
Hackle: Brown Rooster
Wingcase: Black Waterproof Magic Marker
Head: Thread
Optional Head Cement: Black Hard Head

Notes: Originator Jim Poor was the original owner of Anglers All Fly Shop on South Santa Fe Boulevard Littleton, Colorado
Reference, Jack Dennis’ Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Vol. II, Page 111.

This pattern is an effective hellgrammite imitation (Also  works as a stonefly nymph ~ LOJ).


  1. loj

    is the thorax area just the chenille and hackle?

    i remember these when i lived in colorado and frequented anglers all


  2. Normand,
    Thanx, for your interest. The thorax area is where Jim Poor weighted the fly with lead wire When wanted the fly weighted.
    I normally don't weight this pattern. I prefer using split shot (or?) on the line about 8 - 12 inches in front of the fly.
    Matter of choice.

    1. Normand
      Forgot to answer you initial question. Yes that is all the thorax consists of. Depending on the size of the fly and personal preference the chenille was either Medium or Large (Size 3 to 5 in the old days).