Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Colorado Oldies Patterns Front Range Anglers Clinic 11/16/2013 (Part 4)

Colorado King, Dark Female
Source: Popular Fly Patterns 
Originator: George Bodmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Hook: Mustad 94840 (TMC 100)
Size: 6 ~ 18
Thread: Black
Egg Sack: Yellow Rabbit Dubbing
Tail/Outriggers: 2 Peccary Or Moose BodyHairs
Body: Muskrat Dubbing
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Dark Deer/Elk Hair
Head: Tying Thread 
Optional Head Cement: Black Hard Head
Source: Terry Hellekson, Popular Fly Patterns, Published 1976,
Page 22. The Colorado Kings were developed in 1971 by George Bodmer of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have become a universally effective dry fly. George reports that they sold over 6,000 of them during the 1975 season and he keeps getting glowing reports on them from all over the country and abroad. They have the ability to bring up lots of fish. They are not the final solution, no fly is, but they are suggestive enough of a variety of trout foods to be successful over a broad range of fishing conditions. Though developed primarily as attractor type patterns, these flies have an excellent caddis and stonefly silhouette, are close enough for many mayfly hatches and, as a bonus the light pattern is readily taken as a grasshopper. They are excellent floaters. Their open construction permits good drying on false casts and prevents water logging. George now ties the flies with elk hair rather than deer hair. This produces a more durable fly.  ~ T. Hellekson (1976)   
Credit: Popular Fly Patterns by T. Hellekson 

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