Sunday, April 28, 2013

LoJ’s Golden Stonefly Nymph

By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: Daiichi D1730 or Dai-Riki #700B
Size: 8 ~ 12
Thread: Tan 6/0 UNI-Thread
Tails & Antenna: 2# ~ 8# Monofilament Colored Brown With A Brown Magic Marker
Rib: Brown Copper UTC Ultra Wire
Under-body: Lead or Lead Free Wire Sized To Match Hook Shank
Abdomen Material: Dark Tan Superfine Dubbing
Wing-case: Brown Or Natural BustardThin Skin
Legs: Natural Whiting Brahma Hen Saddle
Thorax: Rusty Brown Ice Dub
Head: Gold Bead Sized Appropriately
Permanent Marker: Brown Sharpie
Optional: Super Glue and Water-based Head Cement

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