Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

 Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted anything on the blog. I was busy with the annual “Bling Chicken Chase” which turned out to be a huge disaster this past season.
The area that my infamous Gang of Six hunts in Kansas was hit by a major drought. One of the farmers whose lands, appx 20+ sections owned or leased, we hunt told us that  his area of Southwest Kansas only recorded 1½” of moisture from 12/01/2009 until 11/01/2011.  If it wasn’t for pivot irrigation the area might have looked like it was the 1930’s Dust Bowl. Even the CRP areas were what you would call Apache grass, e.g., a patchy here, a patchy over there, etc., etc., etc.
As it was the infamous Gang of Six plus 4 dogs only produced 15 to 20 birds in effective shotgun range. Through our very effective(?) shootin’ we managed to put 4 “Bling Chickensin the dirt dust in two days. We then proceeded to drown our sorrows in other indulgences and decided to leave what few “Bling Chickens” were left for next years seed. But just like the Broncos “wait until next year”.

Now on to fishin' stuff!
The following has been a well producing pattern for me (in spring, summer & fall) and my winter fishing friends this winter and last. Give it a try as most fish haven't seen this pattern yet.
For the recipe and tying instructions send me an email with "Pattern Request"on the Subject line.

THANX for your support.


  1. Very glad you and your good-looking flies are back!

  2. welcome back and keep them flies coming!