Saturday, September 03, 2011

One of my "Old" 1960s patterns

This is the modern version of the original “Cutthroat Candy” pattern that I developed in the 1960’s for fishing the creeks and lakes in the Derby Flattops area. The United States Congress designated this area the “Flat Tops Wilderness” (map) in 1975 and it now has a total of 235,214 acres. All of this wilderness is located in Colorado and is managed by the Forest Service.This pattern is my #1 pattern when fishing the forks of Derby Creek along with several others that I fished. It is also effective on the more accessible creeks feeding into Stillwater Reservoir and the Bear River outlet clear down to Sweetwater Reservoir (aka Yampa Reservoir). My “Original Recipe” used the following materials; Mustad 94840 hook, Black tying thread, Barred Lemon Wood Duck tail, Red four strand rayon floss for the abdomen, Muskrat dubbing for the thorax, Grizzly hackle and Yellow Bucktail for the post indicator (for visibility) and the Trude type wing.Even though I call the pattern “Cutthroat Candy” it also works great for Rainbows, Browns, and Brookies!  ~ Larry O Jurgens

The Original Cutthroat Candy
Originated and Tied By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 100 (Originally Tied On A Mustad 94840)
Size: 12 ~ 16
Tying Thread: Light Cahill 6/0 Danville Fly Master
Tail: Barred Lemon Wood Duck
Abdomen: Red Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon
Indicator/Wing: Bright Yellow Polypropylene
Thorax: Light Cahill Superfine Dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly

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