Monday, June 27, 2011

A Small Productive Streamer Pattern

This streamer pattern has been very productive for me. I fish it on small streams as you would fish a “BIG” streamer on a larger river. When I fish the Li’l Trigger Sucker on large rivers it fishes best (for me anyway) by working the edges and back-eddies. I fish the Li’l Trigger Sucker with a floating line and to represent an injured minnow trying to survive.

Li’l Trigger Sucker
By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 9395, TMC 5262 or TMC 5263
Size: 8 ~ 10
Thread: Olive UTC 70
Body: Root Beer Flat Diamond Braid
Wing: Sculpin Olive Pine Squirrel Strip
Collar: Micro Olive Pine Squirrel Strip or Sculpin Olive Pine Squirrel Hair Dubbing Loop
Trigger: Red 1/64 Holographic Mylar Motion (Simulates A Bleeding Gill Blood Stream)
Head: Olive or Black 5/32” Cone Head
Optional: Super Glue

I tie this pattern several different ways; see optional Steps 4, 13, 15 & 16.
The optional steps I use the most are Steps 4 & 13 using a Micro Sculpin Olive Pine Squirrel Strip.
At Optional Step 13 use a dubbing loop of Olive Pine Squirrel Hair or a Micro Sculpin Olive Pine Squirrel Strip and make two to three wraps for the collar.

Tying Instructions
    1.  Slide the cone head on to the hook shank.
    2.  Wrap a threadbase so that the cone head is tight on the hook shank.
    3.  Cut off the thread.
    4.  Optional: Apply super glue to the threadbase.
    5.  Slide the cone over the threadbase to behind the hook eye.
    6.  Restart the thread and wrap a thread base to above the hook barb.
    7.  Tie in the strip above the hook barb leaving enough to reach the cone head.
    8.  Tie in the body material in front of the strip.
    9.  Move the thread to behind the cone head.
 10.  Wrap the body material to behind the cone head. Tie in and cut off excess.
 11.  Pull the strip forward and tie in behind the cone.
 12.  Tie in 1~2 trigger strands on each side of the hook shank.
 13.  Optional Step: See Note. Tie in and cut off excess.
 14.  Whip finish behind the cone head with a minimum number of wraps.
 15.  Optional; Apply water-based head cement to the thread wraps.
 16.  Optional; Cover the thread wraps with dubbing from the Olive Pine Squirrel strip.
 17.  Cut the tail to equal the hook shank length.
 18.  Cut the trigger Mylar to length of your choice. 

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