Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Mothers Day Hatch Is Fast Approaching Give This A Try

Olive eeZee Caddis Emerger
By: Larry O Jurgens
Source: An adaptation of Tim Fox’s Poopah
Hook: TMC 2488
Size: 12 ~ 18
Thread: Olive UTC 70
Abdomen: Dark Olive Micro Ultra Chenille
Wing: Natural Gray/Brown CDC Fibers
Thorax: Peacock Herls
Head: Tying Thread
Optional: Water-based Head Cement

Abdomen Preparation:
1 - Cut as ½ as many 2” pieces of Ultra Chenille as the flies that you are going to tie for the upcoming hatch.
2 - Using a butane lighter carefully taper both ends of the ultra chenille.
3 - Cut the 2” piece in half this will give you two abdomens.

Step - Tying Instructions
1 - Start the thread behind the hook eye and wrap threadbase to above the hook barb and return to 1 eye length behind the hook eye. Optional; Apply water-based head cement to the thread wraps
2 - Tie in the abdomen material. The abdomen should be 1½ to 2 times the hook shank length.
3 - Tie in 2 ~ 3 CDC feathers, with the quill cut out, with 2 wraps and pull to length. The wing length should not extend beyond the abdomen. Tie in and cut off excess.
4 - Tie in 1 ~ 2 peacock herls and wrap to 1 eye length behind the hook eye. Tie in and cut off excess.
5 - Wrap and whip-finish a medium sized head.
6 - Optional; Apply water-based head cement to the whip-finish.


  1. Larry,

    This is looking pretty good. I will post a link to your blog on my site.

    Tyler Befus

  2. My dad liked to fly fish and we would go to the rivers in Oklahoma and stand in the freezing water. (or I always felt it was freezing). I caught a fish once and jerked it back unknowing that there was a fish on it and hit him in the head. He just laughed and told me to try for a bigger one. Then while I was practicing casting back at home with a cane pole (not smart) I hooked myself in the back of the pants with a little skin too. I don't remember fly fishing after that but daddy got a kick out of it.

  3. Nice looking bug Larry. It almost looks easy enough for a try in this fly tying camp. Caddis and kids what more can make Mother's Day special?

  4. LoJ,

    Added U to my BLOGROLL and put this pattern up for Mother's Day. Kinda' reminds me of one I tie that is a take off on a Jeremy Davies Caddis pattern...

    Keep tyin' and puttin' 'em up!!!